FAQ about HB9BZA's LoTW users list

Note: most of this page is no more up to date since the ARRL finally released a full list of users of the LoTW system. This FAQ is kept for some time for its "historical" interest.

Why is this an unofficial list?

Just because the ARRL don't want to release an official users list!

Is this list the biggest available?

Yes and no! No because a non free list is also available on the net, which includes about 400 more calls then this one. But those calls are not current LoTW users (the lookup on the LoTW users site returns "No log data found"), which may be the result of adding calls based on promises and not on facts. So I believe my list is the biggest one of current LoTW users available on the net.

How is this list generated?

I use many source of information: DX bulletins, spots on the DX-Cluster, searches on the Web, but the most important one is users sending in their LoTW reports downloaded from the LoTW users site. I wrote some software to compare those files with the latest version of the list to get instantly a list of new calls, if any. Reports were already received from some 300 users worldwide and several of them even send regular updates.

What calls are included in this list?

All calls on this list were checked on the LoTW users site, using the "Find call" function. The answer must show that a log was already uploaded, e.g.:

Last upload for HB9BZA: 2011-02-19 19:38:08Z

If the answer is:

Last upload for HB9ZZZ: No log data found

then this call can't be included in the list.

Could you add a list by US state?

I would like to do so, but this project is already quite time consuming, so I can't currently offer more. However, everybody is free to use my list to generate all the other listings he wants and I would be glad to put a link to them on my site.

Can you add a call for a DXpedition before it starts?

The inclusion of a given call on the list is based exclusively on the answer provided by the "Find call" function on the LoTW users site. As long as this answer is negative, I can't include the call in the list. Sorry for that, but if I would include calls based on promises, I would have to maintain an additional list of "provisional calls" and check periodically if a first log was really uploaded to LoTW for each of those calls; further I would for sure receive mails reporting an error because a call is included in the list but the LoTW users site tells "No log data found", and I would have to explain the reason for that situation. Sorry again, but I have no additional time available to handle those tasks.

To be included in the list in this situation, a solution may be to upload a single dummy QSO, for example with the operator's call, so that the LoTW users site shows a log was uploaded. Else, a first log should be uploaded quickly after the DXpedition started, so that I can update the list accordingly.

I worked a call included in the list and got no credit!

This may happen for a lot of reasons:

  • you, or the other station, mistyped a piece of information which must be correct to get a LoTW credit (if the "Find call" function shows he uploaded a log after your QSO, try working him again!);
  • the other station uploaded only old logs to LoTW  but wants direct QSL's for recent contacts (exemple: VK9NS);
  • the other station uploaded some contacts to test LoTW, didn't like it and stopped using it;
  • some expeditions upload contacts made with contributors shortly after the end of the activity but all others must wait for a much longer time (often 1 year);
  • the call was reissued to another operator who is not using LoTW (exemple: R1ANF).

My call appears on the list because I'm using a reissued call, but I'm not a LoTW user myself. Can you remove my call from the list?

Sorry but the answer is No. It would be too time consuming for me to keep a list of calls which should no be included on the list, considering that they may appear again in any report including confirmations for old contacts. I would also have to answer questions from those who sent reports including that call, complaining that I forgot it, and have to explain why. This is a situation I have no extra time available to handle. Further, it would not really make sense as LoTW confirmations can still be received for that call if the contact took place at a date the holder was a LoTW user. Again: the only criterion for an inclusion in the list is the answer of the "Find call" function on the LoTW users site.

Some stations didn't upload for several years, why don't you remove them from the list?

The main reason is that this list is used for several purposes. In the case of DX-Cluster related software, those calls could be removed without too much problems. But if somebody wants to check his old logs for LoTW matches, then chances are he would miss matches with those calls if he worked them at the time they were active LoTW users. So I believe the best if to keep the list as complete as possible.

Further, quite many "inactive" calls are those of past DXpeditions and it may happen that those calls are activated again by the same operator after a few years. Having those calls already on the list ensures that they will be identified as LoTW users as soon as the new activity starts.


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