LoTW users list



SY2A (Mount Athos) was the last current
DXCC entity to appear on LoTW.

All current DXCC entities
are now on LoTW!

KH4 and KH7K finally not deleted! Details here.

LoTW users list (203,660 calls in 340 current DXCC entities - updated on 12-MAY-2024)

Great news: the ARRL released the full users list on July 29th, 2017! More details here.

Full list
Text (5 calls/line)
Users by country: USA
Countries not on LoTW
Official users list by the ARRL
with "last upload" date/time

Full list, for RXCLUS < 8.5h
Text (1 call/line, no rem's)
Users by country: DX
Number of calls by country

My unofficial list was compiled since 2005 using information from many sources, including the DX-Cluster, DX bulletins, WEB sites and files received from other LoTW users.

Since the ARRL finally released a full users list on July 29th, 2017, including the last upload date for each station, my list lost most of its usefulness, as it only lists the same users in a different format. The listings and user counts by country and some statistics available on this site should however remain of interest also in the future.

A big Thank you to all those who helped me to keep this list up to date during so many years, reaching the incredible total of 96.4 % of all users listed (104,323 out of 108,204 on the ARRL's list)!

As long as it remains usuful for some of you, this list will continue being updated as before with the ARRL's list as the only data source.

I hope that knowing who uses the system will encourage other hams to join the LoTW system by showing them that all current DXCC entities, including very rare ones (Ducie Is, Heard Is, North Korea,...), can be credited for the DXCC with this system! Confirmations via LoTW can also be received in incredibly short times. As an example, I worked 3A2MW one day at 1852Z, uploaded my log just after this contact and he did the same at 1928Z. Result: a QSL in 36 minutes!!!

Another purpose of this list was to integrate it into my free packet radio/telnet client RXCLUS to make it possible to work more LoTW participants and to get more credits for your DXCC awards! Starting with version 8.5h, RXCLUS uses the ARRL's list and makes use of the "last upload" date for each user. Further, it can import your lotwreport.adi file directly from the ARRL's server and generate alarms based on it. If you are interested, you can get it from my download page.


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