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Since I started to manage an unofficlal LoTW users list in 2005, I was lucky to be helped by hundreds of users who sent me their lotwreport.adi files where I could find many new calls. Some of them provided over 500 new calls.

A big Thank you to all of them; without their cooperation it would never have been possible to find 96.4 % of all users (as we can calculate now)!

On July 29th, 2017, what had become completely unexpected happened: the ARRL released a full users list, including not only the calls, but also the "last upload" date for each user. They stated this list should be updated typically once a week.

The lists on my site are now generated from the ARRL's list; they include the same calls (without the "last upload" dates) but still use the formats which have been available on my site since the beginning and are used by many individuals and software developers. To avoid breaking any software, my files will continue beeing updated till at least the end of 2017, so that the developers have time to switch to the ARRL's official list.

Now that an official and complete list exists, collecting user reports in the hope to find new calls would make very little sense: all those who have been using the system for more then one week are known, and the brand new users will be added next week. Finding a very limited number of new calls just a few days in advance would be a lot of work for a very small and temporary result. For this reason, I stopped collecting user files and I'm using now the ARRL's list as my only data source.

Other lists on my site should remain of interest in the future, especially those by DXCC entity, as this is typically the kind of information the ARRL doesn't provide. If you find any mistake in the country allocation for any call, you are welcome to report this to me so that it can be fixed.

Thanks again for their great cooperation to all those who helped keeping my unofficial list as complete as possible during 12 years and good DX everybody!







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