HB9BZA on QO-100 satellite




Yaesu FT-847 (full duplex) used on :

Down-converter (10.5 GHz --> 433 MHz)

KUHNE electronic MKU LNC 10 QO-100 with :

Up-converter (144 MHz --> 2.4 GHz) and PA

KUHNE electronic MKU UP 2424B (max. 20 W output)

Parabolic dish

Triax TDS 80 (diameter: 71 * 79 cm) on my balcony


BaMaTech Duoband-Feed for Es'€™hail-2/P4-A V2.0 with :

10 MHz GPS reference

Leo Bodnar Electronics Precision GPS reference Clock with :



I made my first contact via QO-100 on 24 September 2022.

DXCC entities worked outside Europe via QO-100 : 3B8, 4X, 5H, 5V, 9J, A4, A6, BY, C9, CE9 (Ant.), CN, D6, EA8, PY, TY, UA9, VK9X, VU, YB, ZS

Currently 170 DXCC entities worked and 156 confirmed via satellite (most of them long time ago using AO-10 and AO-13).

Award : DXCC satellite #124 issued on 25 March 1993.