Amateur radio station HB9BZA

What is amateur radio?


I started my amateur radio activities as HB9BZA in 1980.

My first priority is DX on the shortwave bands (especially DXCC and IOTA).

My preferred mode is CW but I'm also active in phone and digital modes.


Here is a view of my station: (click on the picture to enlarge it - requires JavaScript enabled):


HF/6m transceiver: Kenwood TS-990
HF amplifier: Kenwood TL-922
Matchbox: Drake MN2700 

VHF/UHF transceiver: Yaesu FT-847

And my antennas (click on the picture to enlarge it - requires JavaScript enabled):


The main antenna is an UltraBeam UB-50 for 40-6 m, located 10 m above the roof of a 20 floors building.

This antenna is operating as:

  • A full-size folded dipole on 40 m and 30 m;
  • A 3 el. "monoband" Yagi on 20-17-15-12-10 m;
  • A 4 el. Yagi on 6 m (with the 2 small fixed length elements);
  • it provides decent performance on 60 m with an antenna tuner!

Below the yagi there is also a homebrew half length dipole for 80 m CW+digital modes.

I currently have no antenna for 160m nor for 2m and up.


Online log

I still keep my log on paper but most of my contacts were copied to an electronic log using Winlog32 by G0CUZ.

Here is what is currently available in electronic form and was uploaded to LoTW:

  • HF (160-10m): all contacts since 1980 (except most Christmas contests, which are only between HB's on 40+80m);
  • 6m: all contacts since this band is available in Switzerland (1994);
  • 2m, 70cm and satellite: all contacts since 1993;
  • HB0: all 1528 contacts from my small activity on 10-20 July 1986.

You can check on my log search page if you are in my logs and see the bands and modes you worked me on.


QSL'ing policy

"The final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL" !

I QSL 100% via buro, direct and via LoTW
(but I don't use eQSL).

FT8 contacts are valid only if I received a confirmation
in addition to the report (R+report, RRR or RR73).
Contact attempts where the report alone was received
are not complete and won't be logged nor confirmed.

Correct SWL reports are also confirmed.