Now fully supporting the 60 m band + displaying last upload date on LoTW!


Download page

Version 8.5d was downloaded 4983 times!
Version 8.5e was downloaded 6271 times!


Software download

download Upgrade to version 20230105 which fixes the bug with FT8WW call (2023-01-05).
This upgrade installs a new EXE and an additional shortcut without removing the existing ones.
For new installations, please install full version 8.5k (below) first.
You may also need to use: Tools --> "Update COUNTRY DB (Internet)" to get FT8WW identified as Crozet.
download Windows version 8.5k (full version) (5.4 MB)  03/2020
for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or (with some limitations) Linux with wine.
Supports 18 languages; with 59 pages user manual in English (PDF).
More details can be found here.
download Windows version 8.5k (upgrade from versions 8.5-8.5j)
(executable, user manual and ARRL's LoTW users list only; 3.3 MB)


Files updates and additional files

(for updates, using the "Tools" menu in the program is recommended)

  Updated LoTW users list: please check my LoTW resources page,
or use "Tools" --> "Update LoTW DB (Internet)".
COUNTRY2.DAT DXCC entities database. Includes fixes for FT* calls + 3Y0J = Bouvet (2023-01-22).
IOTA.RAW IOTA database, latest version (2020-05-18).
Includes the 6 new groups added to the IOTA Directory on 2019-06-22.
More details here. Latest activated new group: AS-207.
TELNET.DAT Telnet directory. Fully updated with 312 nodes all checked in February/March 2023 (2023-03-09).
RXC85ITA.pdf PDF user manual in Italian language (courtesy IW0HLG) (2022-06-08).
RXC85ROM.pdf PDF user manual in Romanian language (courtesy YO8RAA) (2020-05-18).
RXCMSG85.ROM Romanian language file for versions 8.5 (courtesy YO8RAA) (2020-05-18).


Third party utilities for Windows versions SV2AGW's Packet Engine. Required to use RXCLUS 8.x with a BayCom modem, a DRSI card, a sound card,... 563 kB. You need also this file if you want to use the Packet Engine with a BayCom (driver to use: AGWBAY.VXD) or some other devices. More details on SV2AGW's WEB site.

Third party utilities for DOS versions

To use a DOS version of RXCLUS with a Baycom modem you need TFX or TFPCX:

TFX download:

TFPCX download:

(if you have problems saving one of those files to your disk, hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the link!)


Please note this software is no more developed and only minimally supported.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (I speak French, German and English)